International Marketing Strategies for SaaS Businesses

October 26, 2022

Over the past ten years, the industry of "software as a service" (SaaS) has been on the rise. Software is becoming cloud-based, which increases its significance and recognition. Startups can now migrate to the cloud right away because of SaaS enterprises' focus on productivity and cost-effectiveness. The economies are becoming more industrialized, and it is clear that successful enterprises are emerging as the software sector grows more dynamic and worldwide. In this article, we will help you understand the strategies for international marketing of your SaaS business.


Let’s dig into the international marketing strategies

Conduct a thorough market research

It’s not the will to win that matters — everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.

The following questions should be clarified by thorough market research:

  1. Does the specified country or region have a need for this product?
  2. What level of competition is there in this new market?
  3. Will the existing marketing strategies have to change for this new market?

Schedule phone conversations with new market business owners, speak with government officials and ask prospective customers for comments to see whether the new market is viable for business expansion and therefore international marketing.

But above all, software companies must take into account any potential language obstacles that can sabotage initial marketing and sales efforts.

Recognize your target audience 

Knowing the problems and issues of your target audience will help you in your SaaS marketing efforts. Your SaaS value proposition is framed by these dimensions.

This entails conducting in-depth research into the factors that influence their buying decisions and determining the qualities and advantages that are most significant to them. It's important to comprehend where they spend their online time and the kinds of material they respond to most favorably.

Creating buyer personas is a wonderful method to gain more knowledge about your ideal audience. These are made-up characters that reflect your desired audience, based on actual facts and market research. Detailing the important demographics, such as age, gender, income level, geography, and work title, is the first step in developing a buyer persona.

Form a unique selling proposition (USP)

If you want your SaaS business to be successful, you must understand what makes your product or service distinctive. This is known as a "unique selling proposition" or USP in the business world.

Your USP needs to differentiate you from the competitors and appeal to your target market. It should be simple to grasp for potential customers, straightforward, and concise.

In the SaaS sector, some instances of USPs include:

  • An emphasis on customer success: Buyers want to know that they can get the most out of your SaaS product or service and that you'll be there to support them at every stage.
  • Modern technology: If your SaaS product or service uses cutting-edge technology that your rivals do not have access to, this could be a significant point of differentiation for potential clients.
  • Superior customer service: In order for SaaS businesses to distinguish out from the competition, they must offer top-notch customer service.

You may improve your SaaS international marketing approach and reach more potential clients in today’s competitive market by creating a distinct and engaging USP.

Assess the relevant keywords in the local language

SaaS international marketing begins with some local language keyword research. See if there is any search demand for the keywords that connect to your product or service. The keyword explorer from Ahrefs is ideal for the task because it allows you to view search volumes by location. SEMrush is another excellent choice because it offers regional results.

You'll notice a big difference in the keyword stats if you utilize both tools. This is because each tool has a unique method for determining the volume or difficulty of a keyword and collecting the findings. Don't worry about it; pick one and utilize it for all of your studies so that your results are comparable.

Finding local language keywords in a certain foreign country where you want to market your SaaS platform is crucial here.

Use Google search advertisements

The next step is to create some Google Search Ads and test them in the regional language if you have determined your keywords and the research has indicated there is some search demand.

You'll need to devote some time to translating those advertisements so that they are flawlessly accurate to the local tongue. Although translating the ad copy is a nuisance, it would undoubtedly result in higher click-through rates.

For better results, you may even go one step further and translate every word on the landing pages you're utilizing.

However, you'll maximize click-through rate and conversion rate and give yourself the best chance of achieving the lowest cost per free trial sign-up by pleasing them with adverts and landing page material in their native language.

Adopt your customer journey locally

The entire buyer journey should be localized as an important step.

All of your potential customers' points of contact, including the copy on the landing page, currency, checkout, and thank you pages, should be localized for their language to increase conversion rates.

The onboarding process for international customers will then begin. Your best course of action in this situation is to carry it out via an email nurturing process, where you can offer excellent content showcasing the distinctive features of your platform. For each international market, you would need to devote some time to translating and localizing this material.

With all of this effort, your chances of attracting new SaaS users in that emerging market at the lowest feasible customer acquisition costs would increase.

Take advantage of SaaS content marketing

SaaS is ideally equipped to benefit from SaaS content marketing as a key growth tactic. Customers are more likely to use a new SaaS tool if they are already looking online for a solution to their problem.

Instead of outcomes, they frequently concentrate on features. As part of the SaaS buyer's journey, B2B SaaS marketing companies today adopt very different and strategic ways to connect applicable content with the key queries that prospective clients are posing.

It is crucial to concentrate on producing high-quality, pertinent, and engaging material while designing your content strategy. The goal of this content should be to engage your target audience and assist them in resolving a certain issue. Additionally, to increase your visibility, all of your material needs to be properly optimized for search engines.

Utilize SaaS review websites

Utilizing the strength of SaaS review sites is one of the greatest SaaS international marketing techniques. These platforms give you the chance to build a better online presence for your brand, interact with potential clients and promote the excellence and worth of your offerings and services.

You may establish rapport with potential consumers via SaaS review sites by providing them with genuine, candid feedback about your products. Additionally, you can provide product information, case studies, and user reviews.

SaaS review sites often provide helpful marketing tools like sponsored advertisements and search engine optimization in order to assist you to reach even more potential clients.

There are many SaaS review websites because customer trust in online reviews holds consistency. You might discover that prospective consumers are browsing these websites to get answers to their questions about the software.

Recognize your competitors

It's crucial to know what your competitors are doing if you want to distinguish yourself in the SaaS sector. You should position your product as the superior choice for potential clients using this information.

The following are some suggestions for investigating the competition:

  • Examining their social media, blog, and website to understand their stance and strategy. You can use this to pinpoint areas where you want to highlight your advantages or strengthen any deficiencies.
  • Reading case studies that offer insights into how other SaaS companies achieved traction or encountered challenges in reaching their target customers might help you learn from their triumphs and failures.

You can create a SaaS international marketing plan that will help you more effectively reach and engage your target clients by taking the time to analyze your competition.


Key takeaways for SaaS international marketing

To become a successful SaaS business, you must have a solid plan for your marketing strategy. Understanding and reviewing the right strategies will help you reach your objectives and sell your SaaS product more successfully. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tactics. 

Contact a SaaS marketing agency if you want to put effective SaaS marketing ideas into practice. The right SaaS marketing company can assist you in creating and carrying out a tailored marketing strategy that addresses your particular requirements and goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to SaaS marketing; instead, the best strategy will depend on your particular target market, product or service offering, and overall business objectives. However, if you keep the aforementioned advice in mind, you may get started on creating a productive SaaS marketing plan for your business.

Let’s work together!

Author: Ammara Tariq

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