30 Everlasting, Relatable Marketing Memes: Add Some Humor to Your Marketing Life!

June 22, 2023

Let’s relax and take a break from working on local and international marketing efforts and the most recent advertising campaign. With that thought, it’s time for some fun and humor to brighten your day as you go about your daily work routine.

For all the digital marketers out there, we have selected and crafted the funniest and most relatable marketing memes. Even we are unable to stop laughing at them!

So as you proceed to read this blog, log off of your CRM dashboard and open a meme maker. Without further ado, let's get started! Marketers don't have all day to spend looking at memes, after all.


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What if we said the same to you?

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Get us a marketer who looks at our ranking the way Chandler looks at Cassie.

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Yeah! Yeah! Whatever.. just kidding (maybe not).

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Oh wow, guilty!

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Time to jump off the window!

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All of our clients assume that we simply run up debt in the name of viral marketing. While Google believes we are manipulating their algorithms (that maybe true), society views us as nerds. But in reality, all we do is bow down to Google SEO and Adwords.

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And that’s how it’s done.

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Nothing hits as hard as those 2 am anxiety thoughts.

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Yes, there are common objectives across the two teams, such as raising brand awareness and guiding prospects through the sales process. However, could we just pause for a moment to giggle at the little fights that happen at work?

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We know it's not that simple! But there's no denying that it would be great to have memes on the blog.

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You have a lot of responsibilities as a business owner, and it can be challenging to establish your online presence on your own. Seize the chance if there is a simpler way!

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Admit it; we have all indulged in it. We've all made unwelcomed suggestions... And for that, we might go to hell!

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When your target audience sees the lead magnets and call-to-action buttons, they might be thinking this. Those lead magnets are stalking you after every internet article you read, much like the poltergeist in a horror film.

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To get the traffic your business needs, content marketing is a necessity. But is content ever enough?

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When you’re on the verge of breaking down.

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Who can relate? Guilty!

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There is nothing worse than when Google updates its algorithm just as you start to rank. Goodbye, sweet SERP; we will miss you...


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Today's marketers are aware that attracting visitors isn't always simple.

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I just read SPAM SPAM SPAM!

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Wise words from some wise people.

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Reminds us of our school days...

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Checked 20 pages for the keyword… it’s still the same

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That feeling before the campaign goes live.

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The marketers must ask, and ask, and ask yet again!

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We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve hit the ‘send’ or ‘publish’ button.


Just everyday conversations

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We know the pain of investing in the wrong channels, waiting hopefully for a return.



Keep your target market and potential customers in the loop about your company. Hit them with a tonne of retargeted ads!

Last thoughts!

The Shakespeare of the modern day is a good meme-maker. Not every day at the office will be enjoyable and easy. It applies to all professions. Marketing is no different.

What do we do on those difficult days when it seems like nothing is going our way? We suggest you look at some amusing marketing memes to brighten up your day a little.

Humor helps us cope with life's challenges.

This is especially true for the younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z), who have a healthy meme culture centered on the most recent trending social media platforms, pop culture, and viral memes.

Let’s work together!

Author: Ammara Tariq

Ammara Tariq

Ammara is a content writer and link builder at Reshaped. With an aim to take her team to new heights, she has an everlasting love for research and hopes to spread delight and knowledge to her readers.